A powerful natural system that unlocks the inner flow of vital energy within the sender and the receiver’s body

A process by the body to increases the natural flow of events and the patterns of manifestations within life.

A way to synchronise and energise vital meridians and acupuncture points of the body while gently aligning and balancing the major energy chakra centres in the physical and finer bodies.

A natural healing that is in perfect harmony with other healing techniques and practices. It is an energy support system that acts in conjunction with all healing practices.

A relaxing practice which supports and does not interfere with medical procedures and practice. It assists the body in its own highest level of healing and wellness.

A universal healing energy that is greatly beneficial with all life forms: humans, animals, plants and other living forces.

A consistent and vital means of relieving and releasing: stress, tension and hypertension. It releases in a controlled and gentle manner, the accumulated stress and tension acquired in day-to-day activities and prevent the deepening of tension into the body mind complex.

An effective way to create: a high level of well being and reducing the rising cost of health care.

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